Android Developer

Location: Warren, New Jersey
Posted On: 7/11/2017
Job Code: 4844_AD_WNJ
Job Description
• Android Platform developer with deep development knowledge of android framework and platform.
• This candidate has developed several apps for public end user’s that have over 100k downloads and has a rich understanding of Activities, Services, JNI development and Gradle.
• OpenGL knowledge is preferred.
• Developer will be responsible for developing rich AR and VR applications using Java and C/C++ and must have an expert command of Android API’s.
• Experience working with device manufacturers is a plus.
• Skills we are looking for: JNI, Layouts, Gradle, C++, Data structures, Algorithms
• OOP design Assessment: Create an app that depends on a module.The app UI should have nontrival mix of layouts, using Relative Layout at least once.
• The UI should scale properly on various form-factors, smartphone and tablet, portrait and landscape.
• Must create video and provide link showing the module/app playing.
• The module should contain C++ code using the new Android CMake system.
• The C++ code can be as simple as returning a string
• JNI Java code should be placed in the module
• JNI callbacks to java non-static methods
• Executing OpenGL calls in C++ (drawing simple flat triangle is fine)
• Gradle split builds, minimizing build time for development, ABI build control
• Two native modules, one depending on another in native code
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