IT Project Manager I

Location: Johnston, Iowa
Posted On: 7/6/2017
Job Code: JSIA0001
Job Description
• Responsible for the successful delivery of relatively small or tactical projects which are generally of lower complexity.
• Utilizes and provides project management expertise to determine work assignments involving the work teams.
• Establishes priorities and gathers the resources necessary to staff the work teams.
• Determines the design of major components involved in the project.
• Determines, among existing technology, which to be deployed on project.
• Integrates and coordinates with end user, user group or business management.
• Projects meet some or all of the following criteria; 5 or fewer persons on the project team; 1 or 2 disciplines involved; 1 or 2 facilities involved; scope in dollars is less than $500,000 and is determined on budget, revenues generated, savings, etc.)

• Participates in the project planning process of new products and/or major improvements to existing products.
• Develops the project plan and leads the project team in executing that plan.
• Acquires a solid foundation in project management and experience in managing projects.
• Project plan developed by focusing on project definition, scope, business requirements, cost, completion dates, resource allocation, and quality/reliability.
• Uses risk management, communications strategies, etc. as part of managing to the success of projects.
• Provides day to day work direction and assistance to a group of professional staff, primarily in the context of work needed against project plans.
• Determines resources needed to assure successful completion of project and secures resources from others (project leader/champion, process owner, division leader, etc.).
• Assists in coaching and developing team members.
• Provides performance input to team members managers.
• Develops, tracks, and meets the capital and expense budget, generally at the project level.
• Monitors ongoing project status and maintains communication with business partners or stakeholders regarding the project status.
• Majority of communications focused within project team.
• Adheres to existing Information Technology (IT) processes, contributes to their improvement, and expects the same of others.
• Ensures project quality by adhering to standards in development, testing and, quality methodologies assuring integration with other systems.
• Contributes to the technical decisions of the project team.
• Assists in resolution of difficult technical issues whether within the company or with outside suppliers.
• May be responsible for establishing the overall technical direction.

Responsibilities & Duties:
• Responsible for the successful delivery of relatively small or tactical projects which are generally of lower complexity.

• Collaborating within IT to create IT project plans and forecasted IT milestones
• Assisting Division Lead with IT project capacity supply & demand
• Monitoring IT plans, forecasts, and risks to initiate re-planning efforts as needed
• Develop feature roadmaps for delivery area in support of IT priorities Required Skills, Knowledge, & Relevant Work

The candidate should have strong organizational skills coupled with leadership skills to lead a team to successful project completions.
A strong understanding of computer technology, methodology, and full life-cycle development is also important to succeed at this position.
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Job Requirements
Education/Work Experience:
• Degree in an Information Technology discipline or equivalent experience
• University Degree (4 years or equivalent)
• Experience working with applications, data, infrastructure, and/or IT security
• Information technology experience and/or business experience
• Project, Rally, Service Now. And all Office, PPT and Excel specifically.

Desired Skills, Knowledge & Relevant Work Experience:
• Understanding of applications development environment, database, data management and infrastructure capabilities and constraints.
• Skill in interpersonal communications, negotiation, and conflict resolution.
• Business process knowledge of assigned area(s) and/or function(s)

• Degree in an IT discipline and/or certified Project Management credentials. Or, equivalent work experience in a similar position.

Key Accountabilities:
• Planning, managing the IT plan, and closing assigned projects.
• Create IT plans and forecasted IT milestones for assigned delivery area (includes developing EPPM tasks &budget).
• Manage and escalate IT project risks to Delivery Manager.
• Determine IT project capacity and lead impact analysis and re-planning efforts by continually monitoring IT plans and forecasted internal/external milestones.
• Rally setup & maintenance for assigned delivery area.
• Create PSI Feature Roadmaps for delivery area in alignment with approved portfolio and IT plans.
• Communicate IT Status & Metrics to IT Leadership

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