GIS Analyst

Location: Melbourne, Florida
Posted On: 6/15/2017
Job Code: 8233_GIS Analyst
Job Description
Job Description:
• The successful candidate will create mission specific data sets in response to both customer requirements as well as crisis areas of the world using a variety of source and evaluating that source for usability.
• They will be able to comprehend government specifications and use them to verify product compliance.
• They will be responsible for producing and maintaining Flight Publications on an on-going aeronautical cycle.
• The candidate should have Aeronautical knowledge, including proficiency with Instrument approach procedures, airfield and mission planning publications.
• Being detailed oriented is a must, as are strong organizational skills to complete time sensitive deadlines.

Must Haves:
- 1+ years’ experience with Terminal Instrument Procedures
- 1+ years’ experience with Aeronautical Publications
- Basic computer knowledge – MS Suite, etc.
- No Clearance required. It would be a plus if someone has an FAA or DOD Certification
- Must be a citizen
- Depending on the candidate’s background they should have at least one of the following:
- Civilian background_1 At least an FAA Instrument rating and at least 100 flight hours to include at least 15 hours in simulated or actual instrument conditions.
- Military background_1 Military equivalent of FAA Instrument rating, or at least six months experience frequently using terminal instrument procedures (i.e. Navigator, Mission Planner, etc.). ATC background_1 In lieu of airman credentials, Air Traffic Controllers must have at least one year of controlling experience to include experience with terminal instrument procedures.
- Pluses: We use a tool called Bentley MicroStation Software
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Job Requirements
Asset Management,COM,Direct3D,Engineering,LAN,Management,Marketing,Access,Office,Word,Natural,Photoshop,Python,Quality Control,Recruiting,STE,Training,WAN

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