Pricing 1.1 Functional Test Lead

Location: Austin, Texas
Posted On: 6/10/2017
Job Code: 5457_Pricing 1.1 Fun
Job Description
Work with the application and technical architecture teams to plan the overall Pricing 1.1 Functional Testing Test Phase.
Determine all testing environment requirements and tools.
Review the development process to ensure that defect tracking (identification, fixing, re-testing and migration of defects) is properly addressed. If not, define the defect tracking process and incorporate it into the overall development process.
Manage testers’ work throughout test preparation and test execution to ensure that testing is on time and within budget.
Allocate test resources to application tests
Ensure that all testing results are easily accessible (e.g., stored in a commonly-accessible LAN directory) and understandable.
Measure and monitor progress during each test to ensure that"
Category:IT  code:new
Job Requirements
Pricing 1.1,Test

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