Network Design Architect

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Posted On: 6/7/2017
Job Code: NDA_6966_ON
Job Description

The Network Design Architect must be familiar with method of communication to remote monitoring equipment. Must be familiar with Land Line, Cellular & Satellite network utilization design, Broad spectrum of Private and Public Radio bands and other new technologies. Must also be familiar with communications protocol options related to these transmission types. Ideally should be familiar with designing for capacity and redundancy.

The role is to be the primary contact and support for the Consulting company performing the overall study and design to ensure they are getting the information they need, be knowledgeable enough to understand and obtain answers for any questions they may have, validate the results/quality of the study prior to presentation to the steering committee

Minimum Experience: 8 years Network Design
Key Skills: Network Design and Optimization; Project Management
Category:IT  code:new
Job Requirements
Network Design, Management, LAN, Project Management

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Sushil Yadav
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