ROR Developer

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Posted On: 5/4/2017
Job Code: 7520_ror
Job Description
Job Responsibilities:
• Work with team members and business partners to turn amgibuous requirements into implemented functionality, get feedback, iterate rapidly
• Build models, views, and controllers that are clean, efficient, and well organized
• Build schema and data migrations
• Contribute to application architecture
• Contribute to design of new features
• Write lots of good, clean code
• Participate actively in agile meetings and keep up with administrivia
Category:IT  code:new
Job Requirements
• 10+ years of experience developing web applications using ROR, especially Rails 5
• Solid understanding of object-oriented programming, MVC, ORM, and RESTful APIs
• Familiarity with design patterns like services, presenters/decorators, concerns, and CQRS
• Meaningful database development in at least one of Oracle, MySQL, Postgres (all are used)
• Experience with Angular (especially Angular 2) a plus
• Version control with git/stash or other tools

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Abhilash Sabu
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