Business Data Analyst

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Posted On: 4/14/2017
Job Code: 2449_Data
Job Description
• Design: Innovate the appropriate look and design reports to give stakeholders the ability to understand and utilize the data
• Create: Develop reporting templates and test the templates for sound structures while ensuring the ability to re-use template in other projects
• Maintain: Daily, weekly and monthly updates and maintenance of reports. Review triggers and alerts for fallouts and determine if any changes or deviations occurred from the norm
o Share with stakeholders
o Ad hoc reports generation
o Review reports for data analysis, trends and forecast
o Investigate reporting issues and identify data swings
o Call out and make recommendation when data is trending away from assigned targets
o Generate a report for “bad emails” and ensure their updates within the upstream systems
o Keep and update the design and data requirements for Event, Survey, Job Stats, Raw, View_Indicator reports (creating technical flow chart where needed)
o Keep and update the design and data requirements for Calls and Cases report
o Keep and update the design and data requirements for Inbox reports
o Work with client on reports, structures and users access approval for reports needed to track the customer experience post video view
o Create a detailed procedure for housing project reporting elements, terminology and report descriptions
Category:IT  code:new
Job Requirements
Data Analysis, Data Extraction, SQL

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Vipul Sannad
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