Data Governance Analyst

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Posted On: 3/13/2017
Job Code: 5742_5282
Job Description
Business Data Governance Consultant Profile
Role Responsibilities
A Business Data Governance professional:
• Partners to confirm that data stakeholders have been identified to ensure effective communications.
• Reviews data business rules to ensure alignment with Data Governance policy, standards, and processes; communicates with partners to resolve issues.
• Ensures accurate definitions exist for all business terms, ensures definitions are used appropriately and the list of business terms is certified to be complete.
• Engages in processes to ensure data quality and validation for project(s).
• Manages business reference data and hierarchies for project(s)
• Performs business data risk assessment on identified data issues and partners to develop effective solutions.
• Creates or approves business data decisions and communicates them to stakeholders
• Identifies potential downstream impacts and adapts approach(es) to mitigate business risks related to the data.
• Reviews data models and documentation of data mapping and translation rules to ensure valid data integration.
• Collaborates with Requirement Analysts to define data-related requirements and approve accuracy.
• Administers the data certification process and provides sign-off on data remediation in partnership with Enterprise Data Governance.
• Reviews program level data decisions and provides sign-off in conjunction with Enterprise Data Governance.

Required Experience/Skills
• Experience with Insurance or Financial Services
• Working with business decision making models
• Data centric with a passion toward data including, data quality issue resolution, defining business definitions, enforcement of data governance policies, process, and standards, and experience working with multiple partners to ensure data quality
• Data Governance – Acted as a data governance professional, data steward, data custodian, or other data role
Data Analysis – Experience as data analyst in one of the following situations:
a. Analytically Intensive – Intended to confirm the common understanding of the data.
b. Operationally Data Intensive – Intended to approve authoritative data sources that are essential to core transactional processing
c. Data Integration Intensive – Intended to confirm the common understanding data being integrated and mitigate downstream impacts

1. Taxonomy – Term definitions, hierarchy and metadata
2. Communication – Facilitator, influencing, negotiation and building partnerships between teams or business units.
3. Experience with different applications to effectively present the findings whether it is through use of charts, graphs or specialized tools.
4. 5+ years in data governance analysis with experience listed above. Above plus demonstrated leadership, communication and influencing skills relative to program and organizational level efforts.
5. Planning, estimating, budgeting activities
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Job Requirements
Data Governance, Quality

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