Information Data Architect

Location: Spring, Texas
Posted On: 10/12/2017
Job Code: IDataArch3824
Job Description
• Support and maintain data principles
• Help design methodology for selecting appropriate data technologies and when to apply them (Relational vs. NoSQL vs. Graph, etc.)
• Support Solution Data architects on the implementation of project specific solution, balancing enterprise needs
• Develop and support a minimum kit enterprise data model
• Work with Enterprise Data Architects to develop future state data architectural concepts balancing analytics needs and the other key components of the TOGAF architectural framework
• Train and educate other data resources in IT around concepts like future state architectures and data governance
Category:IT  code:new
Job Requirements
• Technical knowledge around IT tools and technology (software, hardware)
• Be able to translate data requirements into business processes and reverse engineer business processes into data requirements
• Solid understanding and practice in the following areas:
• Modern Data Architecture - NoSQL data technologies (graph, document-type, key-value, etc.), multi-domain, centralized master data management; cloud storage; data object storage; Hadoop Data Lake
• Relational database technology (Oracle / SQL); Data Warehouses; Data Marts
• Data engineering - how it supports the data pipeline/ ETL for data science needs
• Analytics - balancing governance versus citizen data scientist needs; data architectures for supporting analytics
• Data governance - practices and enablement
• Data quality - defining metrics for data quality with a data governance group / steward
• General knowledge of API's and how to leverage API's in the above spaces
• Expert in data modeling (physical and logical), ER diagrams, data dictionary, data map, normalize/denormalize, agile data modeling
• Practical skill sets in BI and Data visualization tools
• Basic programming knowledge - may include Python, Java, Spark

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Kalyani Deshmukh