Contract Analyst

Location: Foster City, California
Posted On: 10/9/2017
Job Code: CA950_GD
Job Description
Looking for Clinical Contracts & Finance Associate I for our site in Foster City, CA. Provide contract administration support in response to Contracts Records Management and Cleanup for GDAR, Apollo migration and CLMS.
Contracts Coordinator will be responsible for performing the following:
• Needs prior experience in document management
• Reconcile contracts in Apollo and CMS
• Review all executed clinical contracts saved on Apollo and CMS and perform reconciliation between the contracts that are saved in these two platforms
• Performing QC on the scanned contracts to ensure:
• All pages of the documents are included
• All required signatures are verified and present
• All budget pages are legible
• All pages have undergone OCR conversion
• Documents have been saved in the Shared Folder in Apollo
• Enter Agreement Party Information on Clinical Management System (CMS)
• Identify metadata for each contract
• Upload contract(s) to CMS

Essential Duties and Job Functions:
Responsible for clinical administrative operations activities involving clinical contract and budget support including but not limited to filing, scanning, mailing, populating spreadsheets and other administrative tasks as assigned. Duties and functions include:
• Create and maintain study specific file structures for TMF documentation and file documents accordingly.
• Create file folders/labels according to TMF plan, file incoming documents, retrieve documents, schedule document review.
• Ensure record filing is kept up to date and is performed accurately.
• Offsite archival of documents; ensure appropriate documentation completed to track archival.
• Conversion of paper documents to electronic records.
• Participate in continued security and maintenance of the Trial Master File (TMF) Room.
• Demonstrates excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills: 2 years of experience with a BA or BS in a relevant discipline.
Relevant experience typically includes document management and systems experience in other CMS tools including Excel and TMF

*Academic Level: Bachelors
Category:Non-IT  code:new
Job Requirements
Adobe Acrobat, Management, Excel

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