Software Design Engineer 4 (C++ 11, Computer Visio

Location: San Francisco, California
Posted On: 8/4/2017
Job Code: 2359_Software Design
Job Description
About Role:
• This is a very hands-on developer coding role. Develop software programs of a complex nature, including operating systems, applications and/or network products.
• This is for the video production team.
• We need help evolving this system using new components and in new installations, as well as polishing the production workflow controlling it.
• Motivator is finding the right skill set, Cool opportunity to work on absolute cutting edge tech on the client’ program; to be in on the ground floor engaging the world with this new client’s technology.
• Client is looking for a strong C++ Developer with experience working in Computer Vision/Scene reconstruction technologies.
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Job Requirements
Must Have:
• Proficient in C++, including experience with C++11 (If they had C++ 14 or C++17 will also work).
• This project is specific to at least C++11
• Computer Vision, especially scene reconstruction.
• Understanding of algorithms as implemented in common packages such as OpenCV and ability to innovate & improve upon same.
• Geometry Processing, especially surface reconstruction.
• Experience developing tools for mesh reconstruction and processing.

Preferred/nice to have:
• Proficiency in C#.
• Experience with developing and optimizing algorithms to utilize GPGPU computing technologies such as OpenCL, Cuda or DirectCompute
• Expertise in distributed computing
• Expertise in parallel programming. Looking for the distributed computing experience, able to synchronize across multiple systems.
• Experience developing solutions utilizing Cloud Computing Platforms such as Azure (Would look at AWS or Open stack cloud).
• Need to understand how to architect a solution

Disqualifiers: Not having strong C++ experience.
Best vs. Average: Ideal candidate would be someone who has taken Server Based application framework, and has that experience. Multi machine processing. Multithreading. A local cloud of machines or farm of machines.

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